Dataworxs Systems Limited offers SayIt Cloud-Based Speech Recognition
Frequently Asked Questions

I really don't have to install any software?

That's right; the SayIt author client is accessed through the cloud via your browser. A Java applet is downloaded and run on your computer. It is always the latest version and is accessible from any computer. Having Java on your computer is the only requirement. Many computers already have Java installed but if yours doesn't or you're not sure, go to this website: If you need to install Java it is easy and it's free!

Is SayIt secure?

All transactions are encrypted and transferred over the Internet using 256-bit encryption (AES-256-CBC) over secure HTTP (HTTPS). SayIt is hosted in highly secure U.S.-based third-party data center facilities with compliance from PCI (Payment Card Industry), SSAE, HIPAA, European Safe Harbor Framework, FISMA, FERPA and many others. The server environments are regularly reviewed and tuned to provide 99.5% uptime for our customers.

Public and private cloud hosting options are also available where legislation does not permit certain types of personal data to cross borders.

Do I have to transfer the text from the Dataworxs SayIt client to where I want it?

No, you don't have to transfer the data. Simply direct the cursor where you would normally type and speak while pressing the designated hotkey on the keyboard, mouse or supported microphone. Within seconds, text appears directly on the screen in whatever text field your cursor was positioned. No cut-and-paste required!

What applications can I use SayIt with?

SayIt works seamlessly with virtually any EMR, education, or business application including Microsoft Word and is therefore suitable for any type of organization: healthcare, legal, education, insurance, law enforcement, and others. SayIt provides support for real-time (front-end) dictation and voice-enabled macros. SayIt is also integrated with Dataworxs' stand-alone AudioWav Player and server-based Audioworxs Dictation System to provide back-end speech recognition using the author's same profile.

Can I use SayIt on my Mac?

Yes, the Dataworxs SayIt author client runs on Mac computers. Officially, SayIt is supported in Mavericks (10.9), however, confirmation tests have been done on Mac Mini and Macbooks that are running OS X Lion (10.7) and Mountain Lion (10.8). Just like Windows computers, Java is a requirement. If it isn't already installed, run your Safari or FireFox browser (must be a 64-bit browser), and go to for additional information.

How are accounts managed?

For individuals and small organizations, Dataworxs, or their qualified representative, will manage your account. For larger organizations, the optional SayIt Administrative Console provides comprehensive capabilities that can be managed by IT or other qualified SayIt administrators.

Just like the author client, the Management Console is cloud-based and accessed via your browser. No software to install and accessible from any computer. Ask Dataworxs how, for an additional nominal fee, you can monitor and manage your own organization's SayIt accounts.

What type of microphone do I need to use?

SayIt will work with most any microphone attached to your computer. For the best results a good quality microphone is recommended. A laptop's built-in microphone usually isn't the best choice. For improved productivity, Dataworxs recommends the use of a Philips SpeechMike. The Dataworxs SayIt client automatically recognizes that a SpeechMike is attached and recognizes the record button/switch and the Ins button for initiating shortcuts. And now, new in 2014, you can also use your iPhone/iPod/iPad as a wireless microphone. Speak into your iOS device and text is written to your desktop or laptop!

Can I dictate with my mobile phone and tablet and use SayIt?

Dataworxs' MobileMic app for the iPhone and BlackBerry 10 both support dictation distribution via Dataworxs' Distribution Server. If you have a Sayit account, the distribution server can take your dictation audio and process it through your SayIt account and return you the transcript via email. Preview MobileMic for iPhone and MobileMic for BB10 for more information. MobileMic is not yet available for Android devices.

Available for the iPad is nVoq's SayIt Clinical Notepad, a HIPAA compliant application that lets users capture quick notes on the go using voice instead of keystrokes.

You can also use your iPhone/iPod/iPad as a wireless microphone. Speak into your iOS device and text is written to your desktop or laptop!

What are the network requirements?

The Internet bandwidth required is 256 Kbps per user when dictating.

The peak bandwidth for 30 users is 7.5 Mbps. The average bandwidth for 30 users is 1.2 Mbps.