Dataworxs Systems Limited offers SayIt Cloud-Based Speech Recognition

Cloud-based speech recognition. Affordable, convenient and practical!

 Dataworxs presents SayIt for both front-end and back-end Speech Recognition.

Dataworxs is proud to introduce you to SayIt, a cloud-based speech recognition technology that is available from Dataworxs as a stand-alone service or integrated into its professional dictation and transcription solutions. The Dataworxs and SayIt combination can greatly increase your personal productivity and that of your organization.

 One profile, any computer!

With SayIt, you train your profile once, only once. Once the initial training of the system to recognize your voice is done - about 5 minutes - you're ready to dictate on any computer. That's right, any computer. Your profile is in the cloud, it effectively "follows you" wherever you go. Your office computer, your home computer, and your laptop, are all ready to use for dictating and automating repetitive tasks. All for the same affordable monthly subscription.

Oh, and by the way, there is nothing to install. The Dataworxs SayIt client app is launched from your browser. It is always the latest version and it is always available. You just got a new laptop? No problem, it's already ready for you to start dictating with SayIt. As long as you have Java installed on your computer, there is nothing else to install.

 IT Departments Love SayIt!

With Dataworxs and SayIt you get both front-end and back-end recognition. Back-end recognition is integrated into Dataworxs' stand-alone and database workflow solutions and uses the same author profiles used for front-end. Best of all, it requires no additional server capacity for processing. And, like the author client, SayIt is always the latest version - you never have to pay for an upgrade.

 More questions?

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